In 1492 Christopher Columbus wrote about Haiti: "The peak good-looking in the world". Certainly, Haiti is a rattling region in the Caribbean. I regard as that has a unusual beauty, next to a earth science and conventional society that is enormously differing from all the different countries in Latin America.
Since then, the dictatorships have ruined Haitian society, economy, ecology and sport. Since 1950, two a million Haitian race emigrated to the United States and else countries. Haitian-American arrived from Haiti with nix more than than their outfit. If we compare the Haiti of today to Haiti of thirty old age ago, we see a change: a new multiparty political orientation. Today, a yawning cut of the Third World and more than than a billion nation are underneath dictatorships.

Eventually, I would same to closing stages my lead up beside a message by Albert Mangones: "Haiti is innovative in history, active exactly from thraldom to nationhood".

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1492: Columbus disclosed Haiti in the 15th Century.

1520-1697: Haiti is a Spanish kingdom. In the latish 1500 and early 1600, African slaves flocked to Island.

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1697-1790: Haiti is a French settlement. After 16th Century, Haiti became the best all important French settlement in the Americas. Island´s goods to Europe incorporated sugar, beverage and corn. The charm of Haiti is customary by the French in the mid-1700 Century, when they called it "Pearl the Caribbean".

1790-1803: During the French formation slaves suffers from ill-treatment. By the behind time 1790, pro-independence demonstrations. An Anti-slavery drive below Toussaint L´Ouverture began. L´Ouverture is one of the furthermost in-chief achromatic body in the yore.During this time period of time, Haitian slaves set about villages. Anti-French protests riots viciously squelched. By the slow 1803, lower than control of Jean Jacques Dessalines, Haiti army licked the French forces at the Battle of Vertieres.

1804-1806:A French colony for much than a hundred years, Haiti becomes independent, one of the supreme noteworthy measures in the what went before. Jean Jacques Dessalines became the prototypal president of new political system of Haiti, the premiere dark form of government in the new precedent. Dessalines is the "Father of Modern Haiti". Haiti occupies the Western third of Hispaniola, the second-largest Island in the Caribbean.
1804-1820: Unfortunately; Haiti is pentamerous into two zones. Northern Haiti is populated by Henri Christopher, who is called Emperor, time the north is filled by Alexander Petion. Petion is probably the maximum Haitian politician who of all time lived.
1880: Haiti has one of the richest ecosystems in the Caribbean.

1900: Haiti´s ultramodern political has been tumultuous, mottled by dictatorships

1915-1934: Haiti has not had an influential political unit parliament Invasion by United States forces. US force sent to Haiti during well-mannered sub-war.

1918: The Presidential Palace, one of the selected national palaces in the world, is primitively planned by the Haitian Georges Bassan. Bassan is stirred to White House Washington.

1926: Emily Greene Balch, a quality rights activist, went to Haiti.

1928: Cator is the merely Haitian ever to win athletics silver honor. After, Haitian long jumper Sylvio Cator breaks the men's long leap journal in Paris. Cator was fixed a hero's generosity when he returned to his administrative district.

1937: In the Dominican Republic, Rafael Leonidas Trujillo ordered political unit force to slaying of 20000 Haitian emigrants.

1940-1950: Haiti is one of the maximum hot rove destinations in the Caribbean.

1944: Dewitt Peters, an American school-teacher, supported the Centre d'Art in Port -au-Prince Since 1944, Centre d'Art became the meeting point of the Haitian sculpture. It is now one of Haiti´s large holidaymaker attractions, and every period thousands of ancestors came to see the paintings and different career of Haitian art.

1945: Haiti becomes the 26th branch of the United Nations in October.

1956: Haiti establishes expedient contact next to the Republic of China (Taiwan).

1956: Daniel Fignolé is President of the Provisional Council and Head of State of Haiti

1957-1971:After exploitable for a instance as a middle-of-the-road doctor, Francois Duvalier became one of Haiti's most legendary doctors. In 1957, Duvalier is elective President of the Republic of Haiti. President Duvalier announced: "My authorities will assurance the travail of choice to all Haitians". Francois Duvalier, too set for his sobriquet "Papa Doc", emerged as Head of State and against the clock gained almost blatant control. In 1961 "Papa Doc" rewrote the National Constitution. After, he became the introductory "President for Eternity of Haiti". In the 1960s and 1970s "Papa Doc" popularizes superstitions thinking to Haiti done a array of primal charm rites. The Duvalier authoritarianism instituted rig grasp censorship. International agencies incriminate polity of serious quality rights abuses. His authorities of fright resulted in the deaths of least 30000 Haitian. The Island is one of the record dodgy countries in the Third World.

1957-1981: Haitian First Lady Simone Ovide became one of the furthermost dominating women in the long-ago of Haiti. Simone, adult female of the most familiar authoritarian of Haiti, gained in powerfulness and propulsion through subornment and crime.

1957-1989: For copious decades, Haiti does not have careful affairs with the USSR, People's Republic of China, Cuba, Hungary, South Africa and East Germany.

1960: The Tonton Macoutes, the inhumane undeclared police, initiated a "Haitian genocide" in which policy-making prisoners were tortured and dead.

1964: Joseph Eduard Gaetjens, the simulacrum of zillions of Haitians, is in remission and killed by the Tonton Macoutes, the spine-chilling Haitian stealthy law. Like John Barnes (Jamaica) and Everald "Gally" Cummings (Trinidad Tobago), he was a large participant in the Caribbean. After, Gaetjens get a global simile of the battle against despotism in the Third World. He had double Haitian and American position and vie at 1950 World Cup for the United States. Son of Haitian female parent and Belgium father, he compete for tons clubs in the United States. The year 1950 was a incredibly vital twelvemonth for Gaetjens: the United States flay England 1-0, the place of birth of the modern football.

1964: Francois Duvalier varied the political unit emblem. Black and red are the flag designated by Duvalier. Black, which is quasi to the Angolan flag, represents the biological group of the national Francois Toussaint L'Ouverture and is as well the old-time colour of the Haitian inhabitants. While, red symbolizes the country's sovereignty. But the original flag, used since 1803, was separate in 1986 by lay down of the new rule.

1966: Haile Selassie, the Emperor of Ethiopia, arrives in Port-au-Prince. Under the direction of Dictator Francois Duvalier, various African countries hold approved diplomatic family unit beside Haiti.
1967: The Comedians, a picture show by British head Peter Glenville, encouraged in the ruthless Haitian authoritarianism by the Duvalier clan.

1971: After Duvalier's death, dominance passed to his son Jean Claude Duvalier, the man who became particular all through the planetary as "Baby Doc". Baby Doc is as swayer as his begetter. Haiti is subordinate by cast-iron paw. Duvalier, best ever famed for his anticommunist political, is omnipresent. Many ill feeling leaders were arrested. He is suspect of quality rights abuses. Thousand of Haitian inhabitants fled the terrain. Corruption is prevailing at all levels of polity. The welfare set-up is one of the most undesirable in the Americas.

1974: The fair set of contacts is one of the pessimal in the Third World, but Haiti qualified for the 1974 FIFA World Cup. Haiti overpower Trinidad-Tobago in the World Cup qualifiers. Is one of the chief just moment, in the chronology, comparing it to something resembling Sylvio Cator, who won a metallic laurels in eternal leap in the 1928 Olympics Games in Holland.

1975: In El Salvador, Miss Haiti, Gerthie David, is titled initial runner up at Miss Universe Pageant... sending playing to trillions by CBS. After, Gerthie David is acclaimed in Port-au-Prince as a political unit part. Miss Haiti competed near 71 remaining women from about the worldwide for the label of Miss Universe, plus Miss USA, Summer Barthollomew.

1980: Like Canada, West Germany South Korea and Kenya, Haiti dissent the Moscow Olympic Games in demonstration for Soviet incursion of Afghanistan

1980-1986: Jean-Claude Duvalier, Haiti's old dictator, ringed Michelle Bennett, an aristocratical lady. A wee much than cardinal months later, Bennett-Duvalier becomes First Lady of Haiti. Like Eva Peron (Argentina) or Jiang Qing (People's Republic of China), she was a female person next to very good dominion. Michelle Bennett promoted her mulatto countrymen to positions of activity in the shogunate at his disbursement of the African-Haitians.

1982: The National History Park (La Citadelle Laferriere, Sans Souci Palace and Ramiers) is designated as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Like Machu Picchu (Peru) and Angkor What (Cambodia), the National History Park is reasoned among the wonders of the global.

1982: Ronald Agenor wins a gold bars honor in men's tennis singles at the Central American and Caribbean Sports Games La Havana. He captures the whist of the Island.

1983: Pope John Paul arrives in Haiti for a call round. "Things most translate here", aforementioned John Paul II.

1986: As Jean-Claude consolidated his power, he consistently refused to write off as constitutional restructuring. The battle antagonistic the speaker Jean Claude Duvalier began...Antigovernment protesters in the property. Many deaths, injuries and arrests. Seeming end to prolonged Haitian totalitarianism next to plunge of Duvalier regime.

1987: Haiti has one of the America's rates of HIV infection

1987: The New Constitution reconditioned umpteen of the liberties abolished by the Duvalier family circle. The National Constitution recognizes some French and Creole as formal languages. A new aversion emerged below Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

1988: Writer Rene Depestre wins the Prix Ranandot. Depestre, a Haitian heretical now people in France, was cited his fresh Hadriana dans tous mes reves. By the mid-1980s Rene Depestre had go recovered famous in attainment circles external Haiti.

1990: Ertha Pascall-Trouillot becomes the initial achromatic adult female elected of Head of State in the international.

1990: First multi-party elections. Jean-Bertrand Aristide, a magnetic achromatic leader, was electoral business executive of Haiti. Aristide is the firstborn republican corporate executive since 1804.He was nonappointive beside the maximum touristy leg of any Haitian chief of state candidate in the times of yore.

1991: Military putsch in the region. Raoul Cedras, commandant of the coup, emerged as head of the new parliament. This time period tarnished the end of 8 months of ideology. Under new government, all political parties were melted.

1991-1995: Like Equatorial Guinea, Cuba and North Korea, Haiti has one of the most intellectual quality rights problems in the Third World.

1993: United Nations obligatory scheme sanctions on Haiti, one of the most densely populated nations in the Americas.

1994: Peaceful business by United States forces to balance out popular option group. Raoul Cedras and his domestic went into expulsion in Panama City. Aristide was fixed up to powerfulness.

1995: In Port-au-Prince, sub-war violent behaviour includes character assassination of Meireille Durocher Bertin.
1995: In Beijing, the possessions of built-up of the People's Republic of China, Haiti participated in the UN's Fourth World Conference on Women

1996:More than 5,000 Haitians had been killed and miles more fled to abroad, United States, Canada, Bahamas and Dominican Republic, since 1991.

1998: Haitian president Renè Garcia Preval arrives in Taipei (Taiwan) for a four-day say coming together. He and President Lee will nod a communiqué to shore up symmetric comradeship and solidarity.

1999: Dominican president Leonel Fernandez stop by to Haiti as factor of a new discretion.

2002: In Paris, Dudley Dorival finished 3rd in the 110 track event at the World Championships. He becomes the 1st Haitian to win an peculiar international laurels since 1928.Dorival was born in New Jersey, United States, to Haitian parents on 1 September 1975. He in 2000 properly became a national of Haiti.

2000: Haiti is one of the thirty poorest countries in the Third World.

2000-2001: The elections were boycotted by the leading hostility embassy parties. Aristide was again nonappointive President. Widespread disorderly in Haiti say that Aristide's election feat is dishonorable. Total semipolitical censorship exists in national media.

2004: This yr Haiti is celebrating the 200th Anniversary of their National Independence. President Jean-Bertrand Aristide of Haiti flees to Central African Republic subsequent anti-government demonstrations. Haiti has one of the best belligerent conflict areas in the Americas. After, UN soldiery sent to Haiti during courteous sub-war.

2006: Rene Preval is sworn in as President of Haiti. Since the nonbelligerent replacement of influence in February, Haiti is the fashionable democracy in the Third World.



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