In mitology and old philosophia, spirit consists of four basic elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Water. Allthough, B.C. philosophia is void today, one of our existence sources is "Earth" that human beings chow it's products everyday, is more heavy not with the sole purpose for World but besides for Turkey nowadays. The new economic, earth science and societal provisions swing the distrubition of people finished Turkey, therefore a new puzzle becomes to outward which is named motion from villiage to urban areas can be derived to these three manner of problems: Economical, Social and Local.

The eldest create of motion can be explained below Economic difficulties title. It is celebrated that, a villiager can clear finances by pocket-sized distance but largely by agribusiness. Villiager has galore complications give or take a few business enterprise nowadays. One of this problems is mass of agriculture areas they have. According to informations taken from Turkey Government Statistic Institute, just about common fraction of commercial enterprise areas in Turkey is, slighter than 0.1 hectar, 19% of areas measures linking 0.1 and 0.2 hectar, 32% of areas measures 0.2 and 0.5 hectar and almost fourth part of this areas' magnitude is involving 0.5 and 0.9 hectar (Zaman , 2003). Dr. Karaata says, "According to researches, a villiager ethnic group inevitably 10 hectars sphere in Turkey's financial conditions, so 85% of our commercial enterprise areas is not plenty to protract a villiager clan." (Zaman, 2003) Moreover, mechanication in agribusiness is a important inhibition for villiagers and an important basis for motion. Technology and business enterprise machines formed simultaneously, in so doing unemployement in villiages increased. As a result, because of rickety industrilization, municipality areas has get more sought-after for villiagers. This is ample to be a reason for migration to profession as a somebody at commercial enterprise zones.

Another motivation of move can be summarised by two words: Social Problems. Generally, Turkish villiages have own traditions and best of this traditions single out family, specially women from uncovered. With TV channels, this isolations are injured. Family members employment until evening, after industry locomote to house, spell ingestion a soup, widen the TV. Scenery is: A cocktail, men and women drinks wine, they chitchat about problemless go. Women are more loose than villiager women. Erman says that, adult female who works eighter at plough or at house and lives at her husband's home, dominated by her family unit wants to be much condition in big cities. She is longing for to be a inner-city resident and cheer his partner in this way("Köyden Kente Göç, Yoksulluk ve Kadın", 2001, maternity. 1). Moreover TV shows more affluent lives and villiager men realises that he can't be more flush than a creator and big ideals sort the town more compelling. TV supported charisma of urban duration develop migration next to prodigious issue of soar of people at the same time near unemployement.

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The definitive circumstance that causes to colonization is about local snags which are not large-scale for all colonization happenings over and done with Turkey. Terrorism is best notable section for this subject matter. Terrorism is a difficulty not lonesome for Eastern Turkey but also for all of Turkish nation but, it is a unwellness for easterly villiages's residents. Until Apo, who is the somebody of divisive violent organisation PKK has been caught by Turkish Officers, PKK was the record great tribulation for East and Southeast Anatolia. It is explicit that horror difficulty menaces people's life and their assets. This danger wrench the villiagers to migrate (Görentaş, "Türkiye'de Köyden Kente Göçün Siyasal Yansımaları", n.d. , parity. 14). Another district dilemma is roughly speaking rule work in whatever areas. A trifling bulk of migrations are calculable from fewness of strength and schooling facilities.

As sum as, motion is the greatest hurdle of Turkey which is best central motivation of unemployement, law-breaking and decrement of business. Unfortunately, Turkey is highly ripe to rework it's economical sources to stout commercial enterprise. Most far-famed net sources of our terrain are touristry and business. So, move idiosyncrasy has to be investigated and resolved. During investigation, it is fallacious to pursue a full-clad way near over-emphasing these three way.

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