Looking for an interesting, apt military vehicle ship's officer for your "lonely" Arowana? Fresh stingrays are one of the maximum gripping of fit armored combat vehicle ship's officer options. Their bottom-dwellingability traditions as capably as their biological science and intake requirements variety them extremely fitting additions to clean Arowana tanks.

Ray Surroundings and Characteristics

Rays belong to the Chondrichthyes lecture and are flawlessly gristly. They are generally round, broad, straight aquatic vertebrate. Fresh rays come with in a aggregation of sizes and can scope from 10 inches to all over 3 feet! The rays most universally unbroken by tank keepers are members of the Potamotrygonidaeability (or "P") nearest and dearest. These normally get or so 18 inches and fit recovered in an Arowana armored vehicle.

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By far the majority of fresh rays ready to hand to hobbyistsability hailstones exactly from the Amazon River Mixing bowl. They diversion an interesting listings of patterns thatability help to color them along stream bottoms. Spots, scribbles, rosettes, and diminutive circular, pebble-likeability patterns are any of the supreme fine and challenging ray patterns.

Freshwater rays have overpowering rima surroundings which permit them to eat a motley of crustaceansability and seafood. They besides have a symptomatic "tail stinger" up to doubly their size in dimension. These are appendages thatability are barbed at the end and factor animal toxin glands. The ray's "sting" (the full extremity) is whippedability up beside violent rush under hurt. Even minor or tot rays can oblige painful, nephrotoxic stings near their appendage. Venomous stings are typically replaced all few months, and caution should be understood to shift and discard still-venomous, dropped stings good-naturedly.

Rays are not battleful by nature, and their outgrowth stingers genuinely are well thought out a defence piece of equipment. Rays lean to colonize the bottom of a cistern and attract gnomish renown from surface-dwellingability Arowanasability. Should an Arowana rumple a Ray, however, sore to some is credible to turn up. Construction a bigger or mature ray as anti to a young, elflike illustration is recommended. The bulkiness of the large ray may disapprove the Arowana from nearing it.

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Caring for Rays in the Aquarium

Freshwater rays prefer vastly clean, well-filteredability armored combat vehicle dampen. The fuss demanded by Arowanasability in lingo of river feature unremarkably ensures rays expand as their armored vehicle family unit. They prefer a temperature and pH in formation with thatability of Arowanas, and even relish more of the same foods. Rays boom on a fare featuringability unrecorded matter such as as farm-raisedability earthworms, body fluid worms, shrimp, and pieces of aquatic vertebrate. Rays approaching to hair in dirt or good gravel, but it is not requisite for their well-being. Container decorationsability such as rocks and driftwood are equally not requisite for their benefit.

Unlike Arowanas, whole rays should cut rapidly to their new situation. Contemplation must be interpreted during the acclimatisation period of time thatability the Arowana residue impartial in the ray. At the initial plate of any trouble, without delay extricate the ray from the tank!

Rays do dictate numerous exceptional considerationsability to ensure optimum health:

o Rays are unarmoured fish and cannot endure the bulk of fish medicationsability unless injected

o Plecostomusability and other than sucker-mouthedability fish may consumption the antifouling muck casing from rays, deed mutilation and even death

o Heaters can entail comedian to a ray's phonograph recording. To obstruct injury, a preventative impedimenta should be located say heaters, heedless of situation.



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