WOW, Russ... We've had our 1st miracle of the New Year already!

Do you mean, our having 6 roman candles that Cassie near in the kitchen storage space to shoot into the clear, freezing Vancouver empyrean at Midnight, Rascal?

I mean, Russ, having to rewrite this web log pole after outlay from 2:07 A.M. until 7:23 A.M. exploitable on, but forgetting to collect it before bill... We gone astray it all beside one slip of your impaired baby grand fingers, Russ!

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How is that a miracle, Rascal?

Well, Russ, we cognize that within was something more than that our Lord considered necessary us to view in this 1/01/07 Rascal's Apostle New Year's Day 2007 Blog. Do you "See" Russ?

Yes, Rascal... I "See"! It's the quick-eared that I have my worries with. Yes, of course, Rascal, you are e'er "Right"! You and The Holy Spirit"!

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(CEV) Ecclesiastes 4:12 Someone may possibly be able to crush up one of you, but not some of you. As the truism goes, "A rope made from iii strands of lead is tall to crack."


I Do and I Am, Rascal!

You "Sure Are", Rascal Russ. And so Am I.

So, Rascal, let us start once more on this New Year's Day journal. It is feasible our "Good News Report" just about last yr that was broken. Don't you agree, Rascal?

Yes, Russ, so why don't you enter a new phase giving out what all happened beside our readers and The Holy Spirit and I will sufficiency in too.

O.K. Guys! Here Goes:

On New Years Eve of 2006 - we standard an electronic mail from Jamal - in Portland, OR - cross-town the Columbia River from us - present in Vancouver, WA.

Jamal was calved - as I was - near a "Hearing Impairment." Although Jamal's sharp-eared was not a strictly compromised as my own - 80* sound unit loss in both ears - Jamal's quick-eared loss is a beautiful authoritarian loss. I've since seen his audiogram. As I have before sold quick-eared instruments in my life, I'd asked Jamal to bring his beside him once he came complete - as I retract.

Jamal had not proverbial that he was a "Deafie" until he was 32-years old, attractive a necessary employ physical, once he'd 1st scholarly of his Hearing Impairment. Jamal's time had been screwed up as a door-to-door product of that paucity of scholarship.

Jamal had obtained a BTE (Behind The Ear) sharp-eared aid from the Lion's Club in the region of 10-years foregoing. Being terrifically creative, Jamal had managed to hold the old at large sharp-eared aid operational for finished the old age. He knew that he was unmoving short his hearing aid. Now it - his one Hearing Aid - had died!

Jamal a short time ago had written Hearing Aid into his computer spectator. Google had interpreted him to an ezine nonfiction entitled "Pushy Deaf Kid's Mom" - which I had published as an ezine piece - several months preceding.

I didn't truly comprehend, until later, the application of the ordinal section of Mother's answer. But yeah, I knew that she did liking me. Even yet I regularly resented the room restriction, I was of all time to be found occupying a fore bureau. [March 04, 2005 06:50:00 am]

Jamal revealed that he had been an exonerated object of Insidious Deafness for all of his age. I had been saved - in portion - by my mother's attention to my deaf-and-dumb hold-up - as she had endured the audible range bad condition all of her own energy. Mother had ready-made absolute that her son, Rusty, would be sitting in the in advance desk of the round table so I would acquire to vocalize my lines truly because I was competent to hear my teachers. I - yet today -"Thank God" for that "Miracle" too.

Jamal's bonnie and hurt wife, Marilyn, aforesaid to him - after they had read my ezine article - "Maybe the guy that lives in Vancouver can assistance you, Jamal?"

Jamal had dispatched me an electronic communication to breakthrough out. I Had replied likewise ultimate new years eve to say "Come on finished the Columbia River and I may have a two of a kind of hearing instruments that will aid you out?

Marilyn and Jamal came terminated on New Year's Day - concluding time period.

I gave Jamal a set of BTEs That I had blessed - and carried nigh on once I'd stirred incalculable modern world - next to me once they came ended To Vancouver. LOL

Both Jamal and Marilyn were passing indebted.

(NKJV) Psalms 37:23 The stairs of a [good] man are sequential by the LORD, And He delights in his way.

As A Good Man - With A Great Woman ~ they aforesaid that I would "Never advance other dime on electronic computer rigging over again." They washed-out various Sundays bring out me into the 21st Century - computer well-advised - and introduced me to MySpace - where on earth they became my 1st 2 friends.

I warmth them both!

Well, Russ, this is active to be a longish New Year's Day Blog. We will have to create it once again as an ezine piece lacking these smiles. Actually, this is a nifty plop to interruption this nonfiction for the nonfiction bank's array of articles which it will force. It is fugitive - nether 1,000 language - so this 1st ezine piece will get downloaded by learned ezine publishers - and previously owned in their ezines to their interested readers.

I Am fetching now a transitory break, Rascal, to subject this fragment of our New Years Day journal.

BRB (Be Right Back) near Part Two of this NEW YEARS DAY 2007 progression :)



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