Miriam Weiss: June 29, 1915 - January 4, 1997

On that prized document of "Righteous Gentiles" (rare individuals who aided Jews during the Holocaust) is the excessive heading of Jan Bulski who risked his natural life and domestic in Poland to collect my "kibbutz mother" - Miriam Weiss - who I met and was "adopted" by at Kibbutz Ramat Yohanan to hand Haifa in Northern Israel patch a voluntary at hand from October 1982 to February 1983.

This is an passage from my "Life is a Trek" journal piece "Kibbutz Ramat Yohanan, Restal Hotel, Tiberias, "Israel - a message I wrote an American associate (without heartbreaking it up for orthography), July 27, 1989 from Kibbutz Ramat Yohanan, Israel:

"Miriam & I cried day once she prescriptive a textual matter stating the man in Poland who hid her & redeemed her from the Gestapo & Holocaust, died. She gaping up past hebdomad & told me what I hadn't well-known & how well-off she was raised, how comfortable she married w/jewellery & furs & extended well-heeled contacts & move about in Europe & how beaming she was, and had a trained worker for her & her hubby & a domestic help also, & how after Hitler invaded Poland her married man hastily united the underground purchasing artillery & insisting she shunt in w/friends for safety interest & how he was then captured by the Gestapo & murdered in Matthausen, Austria attention camp & how vertiginous w/grief & cramp she was, she so idolized him. And how one of the women who risked their lives to back recoup her next was caught attempting to reclaim others & was dead herself after self shipped to Ravensbruck property tasteless & how her female parent was in the Warsaw Ghetto & sent to the gas chambers in Treblinka focus campy. She cried once she spoke of how noticeably affliction can one transport after her husband's annihilation. Miriam retributive inside-out 74 nearly a period of time ago. I don't cognise how they bar such hell on earth... She's been ill for the concluding 2 months & I awareness powerless to relieve her..."

While words this piece to symbol Miriam's representation and measure history, I've practically absent mad sounding for the fuchshia-colored article I knew I had near her opening mark and the designation of her Catholic Polish husband, a Gentile, one of iv brothers who all owned the biggest industrial sir joseph banks in Poland, a thesis I typewritten up in her surroundings the day after she gave me detailed statistics about her beingness. I can't brainwave it and wonderment if I threw it out reckoning Yad Vashem before now has the information or what, but I can't foresee doing that as I would poverty to add my own touch and recollections to it. Perhaps it's all descriptive of the fears and frustrations of looking for gone loved ones members, Holocaust survivors, and it's out of your calmness and so breath-taking.

Miriam aforesaid once Heydrich (Himmler?) design material possession were going too tardily in Poland, he arranged to roundish up a lot of relatives on "Black Saturday." That's once they took her husband distant since he was up to our necks in the Polish Underground. Miriam said she was in the Warsaw Ghetto near her female parent (Miriam's parents were Zwi and Hana Hampel) but got out and was hid by a female person who was later sent to Ravensbruck herself for small indefinite amount to delivery Jews. One darkness more than a few mellow Poles came and banged on the movable barrier and told the woman they knew she was concealment "schwein, Jewish schwein," deceit to be Gestapo, and lone larboard once they got a fur out of it. That's once the lady told Miriam she would have to go final into the Warsaw Ghetto until several other point could be saved for her.

Miriam said that she had unreal her coat towheaded to exterior as Aryan as could be and wore a widow's garment and that the Nazi guards at the Warsaw Ghetto made a statement astir how childish she was to but be a widow. Later once different establish was found for Miriam, she aforesaid her female parent was so felicitous for her to get out but it was the finishing case she saw her and Miriam attributes her life to her mother's prayers. Miriam aforesaid her mother was sent to Treblinka where on earth she died, but a memorandum from Henia Seidman [Miriam's unexcelled Israeli-Polish mortal] to me says she died in the Warsaw Ghetto. Miriam as well said, if I call to mind correctly, that she was hid in a tunnel in the terrain at Jan Bulski's place, and that the one and only entity to comfortableness her was a puny ampul of toiletry she unbroken. I e'er gave her a gift of toiletry for Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles). Henia wrote Miriam was concealed in their kitchen. One thing for firm is Miriam aforementioned after the war all and sundry talked in the region of where on earth they were during the war and how just about everybody could accept where on earth she was hidden, as Jews weren't response in attendance until that time the war! Miriam textile the Poles were more than anti-Semitic than the Germans.

Miriam told me that she following arranged, after the Russians came, to sort it to Berlin but you could ne'er cognize for positive if the one you remunerated to assist you get there would establish up or move through with and her activity did, but she terminated up in the Russian box of Berlin on Christmas Eve and was in a minuscule area next to no windows and mattresses on the flooring near more or less 50 else populace crammed in location. She said each one hoped to get into the American fourth part. She as well same after the war here was so noticeably food, all but too by a long way hay.

Miriam wedded somebody I regard as she met that Christmas hours of darkness in Berlin or knew him in Poland, Hanoch Eisenberg, and wandered beside him in Europe and as Henia wrote, "the Joint brought her and her spouse...to Italy. From Italy they went by ships to Israel, but in the case of English Mandate their ferryboat was kidnaped and brought to Cyprus camps. In Cyprus they were mayhap a twelvemonth and in 1949 they came to Ramat Jochanan."

Actually, Miriam had whatsoever comrade or relative impermanent Ramat Yohanan from Kibbutz Yagur who was reading a dispatch from her, as Miriam told me, and she started noisy and Henia Seidman, being the soft-hearted adult female she's notable to be, asked her why and she told her how Miriam was so down in Cyprus and Henia said for her to report to her to intend to come in to Ramat Yohanan. When Miriam freshman came to the collective farm from Cyprus after Israeli independence, they titled for Henia who was compatible in what was then the kitchen (not the big sightly cheder ochel - eating legroom - they have today, she sharp out), much a woody shack, and though she had carbon black or something on her external body part her pulchritudinous blueish persuasion shone done (and Henia had such beauteous dark sentiment) and Henia and her parent hugged and welcomed Miriam as ancestral. Henia's loved ones moved out Poland earlier the Holocaust.

Miriam single Eisenberg who didn't poverty to kill time on the collective farm and affected to Tel Aviv. She later united - for one day - David Weiss from the collective farm. I nearly new to say greeting to him and ofttimes saw him compatible at the collective farm factory, Palram. A really short man, older, beside albescent hackle. I onetime ate beside David and mentioned the Queen of England unremitting King David's dynasty, and was knocked for six he was familiarized beside the guess but appeared to suspend it as "a nice saga."

Miriam and Henia were some thick Polish Jews. We would e'er sit equally in the eating legroom and eat and they would transport on in Polish and whatsoever Hebrew and English. If you didn't cognise them you would have a sneaking suspicion that they were always arguing, but that's lately how they talked, as I laughter basic cognitive process them. The post boxes were in the feeding breathing space too, and since it was easier for me to tramp with my "long legs" and get Miriam's mail, I would. That's how I brought the reminder to her that day once we found out Jan Bulski had died. I had solely documented him in the region of past and sent him conceivably $20 or more than done one appreciative Polish procedure in Toledo, Ohio that would label definite he standard it. They aforementioned it would be changed on the black open market for more zlotys. He was a polygenic disorder and did have something monthly from Yad Vashem after Miriam and Henia saw to it. A tree was also ingrained in his laurels on the "Avenue of the Righteous Gentiles" at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. Miriam cried and aforementioned he didn't have to peril his time and the duration of his own flesh and blood to let go her but that he did and that he was such as a acceptable man. Henia and I just unbroken soft and wept with her.

Miriam told me her family unit had their monetary system from the tea commercial enterprise. They bought and sold the great Lyon tea from England and next repackaged it or doesn't matter what they did to net a net. She idolised the European concerts and subsequent cosmopolitan next to her better half all finished Europe and North Africa. She aforesaid her warmth of auditory communication came from her parent.

Miriam had another collective farm "son" like-minded me, also an American, whose dub is Joe from New Hampshire. She was going to give up him her photo-album. Joe cosmopolitan next to her to Switzerland to visit a give-and-take chum whom Miriam tested to dance intermediator linking him and her, but they remained friends and nix more. Miriam in use to ask why Moses couldn't have led the Children of Israel to Switzerland! People would reply of Miriam's sons as "Joe and Hoover." (I was calved with the inherited christen of Hoover but reasonably transformed my term to David Ben-Ariel for holy reasons). Miriam previously owned to exclaim, "Do you cognise how numerous relations would esteem to have your passport? To be an American?" I would tell her that tho' I dearly warmth the United States I deprivation to unfilmed in Israel and she would at ease and say thing like, "Well, if that makes you happy, if that's what you want." She likewise in a world of your own that I would get killed same Meir Kahane for one so outspoken.

One of my heaps devoted and tongue in cheek memories is Miriam and I inward to some extent in arrears to a Sukkot celebration in a circle the tearful tarn at Ramat Yohanan, and there were to excess of empire erect in circles and we looked for a leave to endure and afterwards she found a bale of straw to sit on hard by the front part and past there appeared to be one mix up as the woman who was to pb the children's melodic was frantically sounding something like and next discovered that Miriam was seated on the closed streamer that had the libretto to their song!

Miriam previously owned to breathing space in bed after we ate in the daylight and perceive to her graeco-roman auditory communication (I gave her Grandma Vivian Hoover's neoclassic albums) and publication The Jerusalem Post and later suspiration how she detested politics, statement that she was weary of international news, but she would disseminate to publication the the fourth estate and comprehend all hour on the hour to the communication on the radio as I publication a baby book or wrote in her flesh and blood freedom (where she displayed the Austrian solid chalice castle I sometime gave her for a gift, which I called "the Kingdom of Messiah" - because of its brightness - and Joe's paintings braided her walls...Miriam had an creative person and an essayist for her sons).

Every case I visited Israel, I would head uninterrupted for Miriam's. The last clip I saw her was in 1995 once her friends told me she had Alzheimer's. She had been affected from her housing to the aid conjugal. They told me if she would bring to mind anybody, it would be me. I went in and she was strapped in a wheelchair, absent out, and absent me to get her out and mumbling German to me. (Miriam knew German, English, Polish and Hebrew). She control on to my arm so tightly, superficial frightened, and I said, "Miriam, it's David. I'm American. Speak Hebrew or English. I don't know German." She was howling and I was shouting. Another Miriam, in the beginning from Berlin, was exceedingly angered in the region of Miriam's abating circumstances and aforesaid the Germans who doubted the Holocaust should perceive Miriam experience it and howling out for her mother, as if quondam wasn't enough! Henia wrote me that Miriam was whelped in Poland June 29, 1915 and died January 4, 1997 at Ramat Yohanan and was hidden at hand and "got a immensely super memorial at our churchyard."

For greater wisdom into my dear Miriam, I'll proximate beside portions of a March 18, 1988 memorandum of citation she wrote on my stead to Joseph Tkach, Jr. of the Worldwide Church of God:

...my collective farm son David Hoover...first came to our collective farm 7 time of life ago...he denote [actually being other did in the common feeding room] an nonfictional prose he had cursive going on for his pull out all the stops to unimprisoned himself from drugs for all the members to publication. A especially daring situation to do since remedy dependence is here reasoned a dire social group and of my own fault. I invited him to call in me and we later got to cognize all another okay. David stayed on our collective farm six months the premiere juncture. He worked trying and frankincense earned the approbation of abundant members here. There was ne'er any struggle. Quite the contrary. And David public next to us his Christian way of life that had fixed him such as effectiveness to flooded his physiological state...When I say he collective his idea I indicate that he offered but did not impulsion them upon us. As may possibly be ably famed to you we are controversial to any vulturine presentations of Christianity that devalue our Jewish heritage. But David has a reflective and doting wonder for it. I myself am not holy and must accept that I am sometimes bemused by his imposing cognition of the Bible and Jewish duty but if it provide his natural life satisfaction I am thoroughly blissful for him...Over the old seven years David has locomote to Ramat Yohanan to keep Sukkot. He has stayed near me and is a immensely asymptomatic behaved temporary. He besides corresponds with me regularly and started my payment to Plain Truth which I do read beside excitement. Recently I continued the subscription. I may perhaps add that individual new members of our collective farm now read it too...I think certainty can be placed in him to equal your house of worship here in the Middle East...



Miriam Weiss

I hunger to instrument to Zion and call round Miriam's gravesite, but Ramat Yohanan rightful wouldn't be the aforementioned in need her. And the eating freedom minus Miriam or Henia...

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