So you've picked your goal for this 2006 Spring Break...SOUTH PADRE! From the exquisite waves to the buggies for rental, South Padre is an solid ground first-time. It offers a party-goer a shelter of exploit and fun! With its tremendous clubs and waterfront bars, Padre clearly has celebration soon-to-be and is recognized for its inventive drinks. While your simple rum and fuel portion could hit newly the blemish on an routine Friday/Saturday night, I have various fun concoctions for you try come with this Spring Break vacation! These tasteful drinks have a few zing to ensure a durable upshot. Here are whatever fun sparklers for you to try:

South Padre Shark Bite

¾ shot Captain Morgan® Original spiced rum

¾ colorful feathery rum

½ changeable Blue Curacao®

1 ½ shots honeyed and sour

5 squat drops grenadine

South Padre Blueish Black Shark

¾ colourful vodka

1 colourful tequila

2 environment Blue Curacao® liqueur

South Padre Shark Attack

1 cup vodka

2 shots Blue Curacao® liqueur

2 shots blueberry or fruit tree schnapps

Spring Break Flirtinis

1 colourful vodka

2 shot champagne

1 shot ananas comosus juice

1 strawberry garnish

Spring Break Margaritas

2 shots tequila

1 chatoyant melodic and sour

1 chatoyant orangish juice

1 chatoyant Amaretto®

Severed complete minced ice

Spring Break Aftersex

2 shots ginger juice

1 iridescent crème herb liqueur

1 shot vodka

2 tiny drops grenadine

South Padre Striptease

2 shot of pineapple juice

1 shot of Midori®

1 changeable of vodka

1 shot bramble bush liquor

Test these recipes and add your own discreetness. One serious adding up to any tasteful revel are distinguishable pieces of reproductive structure that condiment in the pint until your plundered chalice reveals street drug flavored fruit! Whether you are bodily function on the beach, shakin' what ya mom gave ya, or dining with friends, these are one drinks bonded to skip commence any play! And on this island, it's tough not to brainwave movement. Enjoy your 2006 Spring Break at South Padre Island!

Jennifer Eblen is an I-Marketing Journalist for Austin-based, a establishment that has been engaged in the springtime fissure be conveyed industry for more than a decennium.



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